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Bringing the Future to Life

GOe3 enables partners and consumers to access the considerable economic and ecological advantages of electric vehicles through its route-based, inter-city charging strategy. By relieving the “range anxiety” EV owners face, GOe3 empowers all parties involved to realize the saving, earning and sustainability opportunities of electric vehicle proliferation.

EV sales are already doubling each year. Every major manufacturer offers EVs, and they will soon be available in every vehicle class from compact to SUV. It is no longer a question of if EVs will go mainstream, but when. We’ve developed universal charging capabilities that combine superior speed, ease of use, durability and efficiency to be the industry leader.

We work closely with retailers, municipalities, destinations and other partners to deploy these high quality, economically viable chargers where consumers and fleets need them most. In addition, we strategically integrate charging infrastructure with solar storage and digital services, to broaden earning opportunities in order to increase adoption and utilization. The result is a high value solution with real bottom benefits. In this way, GOe3 is making tomorrow financially viable today.



The three in GOe3 stands for the three e’s that underlie our mission — enrich, empower, evolve. These values are at the heart of everything we do and stand for.

Enrich – we see tremendous opportunity in embracing and facilitating the transition to electric vehicle transportation.

Empower – our inter-city charging infrastructure is helping to empower Americans to enjoy the quality and affordability of electric vehicle transportation.

Evolve — we are privileged to be supporting our nation to evolve to a sustainable model of transportation that is both cost and eco-efficient.



Bruce Brimacombe

Bruce is a visionary with a passion for identifying emerging market opportunities, setting innovative business trends and successfully leading young companies to profit. Bruce began his career in 1983 as a securities trader specializing in IPO’s and small business capitalization. In 1999, he launched an Internet computer company that exceeded $16 million in sales in its first year. In 2002, he started the Phoenix metro area’s leading wireless ISP company. It was at that point that Bruce saw the emerging market for EV’s and began to position to be a leader in this new industry.
Terry Mullane

Mr. Mullane graduated Bethany College with an Economics degree and Pace University with an Masters in Business Administration.

Terry is results focused – strategic executive and consultant who enhances your business through financial and operational excellence . Gain peak performance – running businesses efficiently and effectively, with lower costs and handle increased volumes. I believe it is important to communicate an actionable strategy and implement it through your people with concise communications, clear expectation setting and active listening for feedback.

Mr. Mullane has served in a number in a number of executive level financial roles in both Fortune 500 and small start up companies.
Bill Ross

Bill is the former COO of Guerrilla Marketing International, where he was tasked with revitalizing the organization for the new online world. During his tenure as COO he was able to increase the Guerrilla Marketing business five fold. PRIOR to joining GOe3, Bill co-founded RAM Media, a company focused on helping companies realize the vast opportunities in the digital world.
Robert Boisvert

Robert previously held management positions in sales & marketing with General Electric and Siemens.  In 2007, Robert started his own consulting firm to assist start-up companies structure and implement sales and marketing plans.