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GOe3 Has a Blowout in Grants, NM

On the way to Earth Day Texas 2015, The GOe3 motorhome had a tire blowout near Grants, NM. We headed for Delta Tire where our spokesperson, Sexy Chef Wendy decided to give the fellas a hand changing tires. She’s a great chef, too.

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GOe3 Launches first Universal Charging Station Route from Phoenix to Tucson Signaling The End of ‘Range Anxiety’

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) May 18, 2015 Scottsdale-based company helping to ease EV owners’ range anxiety Electric vehicle owners can now turn their range anxiety into range confidence, with the unveiling of the first universal charging station route from Phoenix to Tucson, as part of a planned roll-out through America. GOe3, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based company connecting America through coast-to-coast EV quick ...

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GOe3 Takes in Earth Day Texas 2015

They know how to do it big in Dallas – why not throw the largest Earth Day celebration on the planet? And if you’re going to throw a party to save the planet, why not invite GOe3? They did and we went. And we shot video to prove it. Here’s the short version:  

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Grand Opening … Phoenix to Tucson EV Route

Please join us in celebrating the 1st Universal Charging Station route connecting Phoenix to Tucson.  The celebration begins at 1:00pm at the State Capitol (Bolin Park) in Phoenix and ends at the TEDx event in Tucson at 7:00pm where GOe3 will be represented with a keynote speaker. GOe3 is changing popular perceptions about renewable energy by demonstrating to America the ...

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GOe3 to Celebrate Earth Day in Dallas

Where is the largest Earth Day celebration in the U.S.? Dallas might not be the first place that comes to mind, but then Texans love to surprise us. This year the Earth Day Texas (EDTx) celebration will utilize approximately 750,000 square feet of both indoor and outdoor event space. EDTx’s footprint will easily accommodate the 1,000 exhibitors and 75,000 guests anticipated ...

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Why Wouldn’t You Buy an Electric Vehicle?

Naysayers beware … the EV market continues to eliminate obstacles to EV ownership. GOe3 and others are building the charging infrastructure, more and more EVs are hitting the road, all vehicles classes are being represented, prices are coming down, and batteries continue to improve increasing range. Now, the commitment from major auto manufacturers is at an all time high: Ford ...

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