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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


GOe3’s owner/managed network utilizes level 3 fast chargers that can charge all types of electric vehicles in 15 to 45 minutes. These charging stations are computer controlled and can also function as web-based advertising kiosks that can offer discount coupons for local businesses in the area.

While the demand for electric vehicle charging is growing as an increasing number of EVs are purchased, the stations need an additional source of revenue to provide an adequate return today. This is why the advertising program is so beneficial to the immediate success of GOe3.

Level 3 chargers require a 300 amp, 3 phase electrical supply to simultaneously charge multiple vehicles. Truck stops and large “travel center” gas stations with restaurants have that sort of power available. Older buildings along the main streets of small towns may or may not have that much power. Typically, they would have 240 volt, single phase power that can be used for level 2 charging stations, but not level 3.

Level 2 stations will consume roughly the same amount of power as a large air conditioner. Many of the charging stations found in public areas today are level 2 charges that can charge at a maximum of 30 amps. This can charge a short range vehicle in an hour or two and a long range vehicle in 4 to 6 hours.

GOe3’s level 2 chargers can charge at 70 amps, which can charge a longer range car in about 2 hours. So level 2 chargers will be fine for hotels, fine-dining restaurants and any tourist attractions where a car might park for 2 hours. With the amount of money saved by not buying a tank of gas, travelers can enjoy that great dining experience.


National Solar/Storage Network

GOe3 will be capitalizing on its numerous national land lease agreements and renewable energy infrastructure expertise to pair solar/storage with existing EV Charging locations. This additional synergistic recurring revenue will round out the infrastructure offering and position GOe3 as a leader in the industry.