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The App That Puts Your Town On The Map!

Connecting Travelers To Small Towns, Points Of Interest, And Savings Along The Way

Have you ever driven down the highway and wondered if the nearest town had a great restaurant or exciting attractions? The GOe3 Phone app displays discount coupons to restaurants, stores, local attractions and the location of charging stations and other accommodations.

The App For On The GO

The GOe3 app is a powerful tool that connects travelers with their surroundings as they explore unfamiliar towns across the US. The app gives businesses the ability to provide ultra-relevant listings and offers regarding food, lodging and entertainment options. Travelers have the ability to adjust criteria within the app to whatever their traveling needs are. Create your own travel adventures with the GOe3 app!

GOe3 App Features

  • Trip Planning – Simply enter your travel destination and see all the places you can visit along the way! Trip Planning also provides the locations of charging stations and other accommodations along your route.
  • Reality View – Use the camera on your phone to display the world around you with coupons and discounts overlaid on the screen. Then just head to the deal you want!
  • Coupons – Earmark coupons to use later! Access local coupons as you travel from location to location.
  • My World – Find out what adventures surround you. From contests to entertainment, the options go on and on. With my world you will never be left with nothing to do!
  • Additional Features coming soon


The Trip Planning function of the GOe3 app gives you the ability to plan your journey based on the local accommodations close by. Simply enter in your travel destination and the app will populate your traveling needs such as charging stations, food, lodging, places to play, etc. You can enable and disable certain notifications and elect to receive coupons from vendors and businesses located along your route. These coupon offers can help you find popular locations within your travel route and help you save money on your trip!

Views allow you to use a Map or List option to show charging stations and places to visit along your trip route.

The Map option on the Plan Trip function of the GOe3 app allows you to view each accommodation’s icon on a map. The icons can be identified by color and symbol, making them easy to locate within the app. By clicking on the icon, you’ll be able to view important details about each amenity including distance from your location or charging station availability. As you continue on your trip, the map will display updated information in real time. Using the Map option gives you an at-a-glance view of places to visit!


Use the map’s point-and-search feature to identify locations in a specific region.

  • Shopping (retail and boutique)
  • Charging Stations (EV power)
  • Gas Stations (pricing)
  • Food (restaurants, coffee shops, etc.)
  • Coupons (discounts at places you visit)
  • Stay (overnight accommodations)
  • Play (entertainment and amusement locations)


The List option on the Plan Trip function of the GOe3 app allows you to view each accommodation in great detail. Each item will provide information including distance from your location, “Book Now”, “Add to Trip” or redeem available deals. With this function all you have to do is make your selections and allow Plan Trip to guide you from location to location! Traveling has never been this easy and stress-free!

The Coupons function of the GOe3 app provides amazing deals that you can redeem with businesses located along your route. By clicking on the function, you’ll gain access to information about the upcoming town and a list of vendor coupon deals. Each coupon will display the name of the business, its distance from your location and the deal being offered. You can add each coupon directly into your travel plans and add up the savings!