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GOe3 Owner/Managed Network

GOe3 Owner/Managed Network

GOe3 is in the process of installing 1000 owner/managed charging stations along Interstates across the country. By utilizing this route-based deployment strategy, GOe3 expects to create a network that will allow EV drivers to be connected to all major cities across the country.

This network utilizes level 3/2 fast chargers that can charge all types of electric vehicles in 15 to 45 minutes. The most flexible and universal fast chargers, charging any electric vehicle and accepting all standard forms of payment.The GOe3 next generation E3 platform is a centralized power system allowing for the expansion and upgrade of customer delivery kiosks in the field to accommodate growth in the EV market.

These charging stations are also advertising kiosks that offer discount coupons for local businesses to consumers via a 32″ high resolution touch screen. These coupons are preference driven and GPS targeted with seamless connection to the GOe3 Phone App for redemption and navigation to interested coupon locations.

GOe3 offers a unique revenue sharing program with host sites that includes both coupon and EV charging revenue. Please contact for more information.

GOe3 Retail Charging Stations

GOe3 Retail Charging Stations

GOe3’s level 2 chargers can charge at 30 amps, which can charge a longer range car in about 2 hours. So level 2 chargers will be fine for hotels, fine-dining restaurants and any tourist attractions where a car might park for 2 hours. With the amount of money saved by not buying a tank of gas, travelers can enjoy that great dining experience.

Residential Level 2 GOe3 Charging Stations can charge at 30A and are smart connected to home electronics including NEST for support of house energy management systems and vehicle-to-grid enabling.

GOe3 offers a unique revenue sharing program with host sites that includes both coupon and EV charging revenue. Please contact us for more information.

Level 2 GOe3 Charging Stations
Renewable Energy
GOe3's Solar Solution coupled with EV Charging is leading the way in renewable image.

GOe3 will be capitalizing on its numerous national land lease agreements and renewable energy infrastructure expertise to pair solar/storage with existing EV Charging locations. This additional synergistic recurring revenue will round out the infrastructure offering and position GOe3 as a leader in the industry.