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Investor Relations

GOe3 is poised to become the leader in the renewable energy marketplace with a business model that takes advantage of synergistic business segments to deliver a “best in class” experience for consumers and businesses.

This business model employs next generation technology in the areas of EV Charging, Solar, and Internet Marketing to provide the company with a stable growth path to success. The GOe3 business model is focused on delivering investors the balanced return of over 20 revenue streams most of which revolve around recurring transactions.

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Digital Mobility Local Business

The Sound Model for EV Charger Proliferation

Digital Mobility Local Business

As the EV market moves toward radical ramp up, the demand for a sound infrastructure strategy is immediate. To meet this need, GOe³, LLC is deploying a next generation platform where sustainable transportation infrastructure meets permission based, socially conscious, consumer targeted marketing system.

The Company’s business model has three primary synergistic recurring revenue focuses:

  • Coast-to-Coast EV Quick Charging Network
  • Coast-to-Coast Solar/Storage Network
  • Interactive Marketing / Media / Advertising

Solar Power and Energy Storage

Solar EV Charging Station

Truck stops and travel centers are large consumers of electricity. They generally have flat roofs and canopies where solar collectors can be mounted. By configuring the charging stations with appropriate switching devices, solar power and storage systems can be created that will convert solar energy into electricity, store electrical power and sell surplus energy to the electric utility companies. The combination of tax credits and utility savings makes this a sensible investment both financially and environmentally.


The profitability of the charging stations is greatly enhanced by using the stations as advertising kiosks. While charging a car, the station can offer coupons for discounts at local businesses. This enables business owners in small towns to advertise effectively to travelers.

Solar EV Charging Station Kiosk

Travel Phone App

GOe3 Travel App

The GOe3 travel and trip planning app will deliver a host of services to travelers around the country and will provide the company with several revenue streams including coupon income, hotel booking commissions, advertising, and more… . Downloads of the app are expected to be high based on consumer value and GOe3’s unique plan for creating app adoption. In addition to more traditional methods for acquiring downloads, GOe3 will be hosting a Reality TV Show designed to create phone app downloads, entertain, and educate consumers. The Reality Show is also designed to create additional revenue streams and strategic partners for the company.

Reality Show

Solar EV Charging Station

This exciting new reality show reinvients the great American road trip into a cross-country eCar discovery competition pitting lead internet celebrites and their fans against each other and the clock. Set in a seriese of small towns, teams must navigate their way to discovering people, places and things of interest in order to earn points and advance to the nexr round. In the process contestants and viewers alike rediscover the small towns, everyday people and roadside attractions that make our nation glorious.


GOe3.biz, The Small Business Portal

GOe3.biz Business Tools

GOe3.biz is an e-commerce portal that enables websites to run powerful applications software that captures purchasing information and shares the buying habits of customers with all businesses using the portal. The GOe3 advertising program, using charging stations as kiosks and a phone app to offer discount coupons to travelers, will produce millions of transactions that will provide the core of data for targeted advertising. This will be combined with the buying habits of all customers on the portal.

GOe3.biz Internet Word Cloud