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ElectriQuest: The race to rediscover America

This exciting new reality show reinvents the great American road trip into a cross‐country eCar discovery competition, pitting leading Internet celebrities and their fans against each other and the clock. Set in a series of small towns, teams must navigate their way to discovering people, places and things of interest in order to earn points and advance to the next round. In the process, contestants and viewers alike rediscover the small towns, everyday people and roadside attractions that make our nation glorious.

The show will highlight the towns along the route by shooting scenes in local businesses, having townspeople participate in the staging of the show and by honoring the town and the show with a reception or celebration for the cast and their fans. The celebration will feature a “battle of the bands” featuring local bands, along with food and beverages sold by local businesses.

The contestants on the show will be “internet celebrities” who have large groups of followers that will want to be involved in the show. We anticipate large crowds of fans coming to each of the towns for the celebrations. What could be more fun?

GOe3 is currently in the process of contacting the towns along the route that the show will follow and building the teams of contestants. As the details come together, we will post them here.