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Be a Team Owner, Be a Part of History

The GOe3 reality show “ElectriQuest,” features teams of contestants traveling across the country in electric cars. We are interviewing “team owners” to provide the cars for the contestants to drive, and more importantly to help us deliver the message about transforming our economy to a future of health and sustainability. This is a great opportunity to promote your organization and electric vehicle travel on national television while helping change the world.

The show will begin with 10 teams of the contestants. Each team will be comprised of an electric car, its owner, an internet celebrity contestant and a contestant who won a contest to be on the show. The owners will be interviewed as part of the back story and will participate in the show in interesting ways. Each team will compete to win points by solving problems and finding artifacts as described in each episode. As the show progresses, teams will be eliminated based on the point standings.

All the owners need to do is provide an electric car for the team’s use during the show and pay the expense of getting the car to the show. They will also have the opportunity to make appearances on the show and/or appear in pre-recorded interviews.

Electric vehicles are going to change the world, in the same manner that railroads did in the nineteenth century and automobiles did in the twentieth century. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of this show and make some history with us!

Let’s make history, change the world and have some fun doing it!