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Your Town Can Make History! …Again

To the towns along Route 66:

When the railroads were built, when Route 66 was built, when the interstate highway system was built, your town played a part in these chapters of American history. Now it’s another century and a new disruptive technology is about to sweep across the country and through your town: Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

GOe3 is connecting our cities with electric vehicle charging stations located along the interstate highway system. Connecting small businesses in small towns with travelers by means of a phone app and advertising kiosks. Now businesses in towns like yours can increase revenue and advertise effectively while helping to save our planet.

To promote this, GOe3 has created ElectriQuest, a reality show where teams of contestants travel across the country in electric vehicles, competing in games, searching for artifacts and solving mysteries in their efforts to be the champions of the show. Along the way, they will explore the small towns of America, where townspeople will participate in the challenges of the show.

The show will highlight the towns along the route by shooting scenes in local businesses, having townspeople participate in the staging of the show and by honoring the town and the show with a reception or celebration for the cast and their fans. The celebration will feature a “battle of the bands” featuring local bands, along with food and beverages sold by local businesses.

The contestants on the show will be “internet celebrities” who have large groups of followers that will want to be involved in the show. We anticipate thousands of people coming to each of the towns for the celebrations. We want you and your town to be our partner in making all this happen.

 Let’s make history, change the world and have some fun doing it!