Now Electric Vehicles Add Up

GOe3 is opening up the country to the savings and sustainability of electric vehicles through its convenient route-based, inter-city charging network. Our fast, easy to use chargers, and digital services make EV use profitable for retailers, practical for consumers, and beneficial for the public at large.

GOe3 Charging Stations

GOe3 Chargers

The most flexible and universal chargers, charging any electric vehicle and accepting all standard forms of payment. These charging stations are also advertising kiosks that offer discount coupons for local businesses to consumers.

GOe3 Phone App

Phone App – People/Places/Things

Will instantly locate the charger closest to you, as well as providing complete travel planning services. The app also offers the same advertising services as the charging stations, accessing great discount coupons to make your road trip that much more fun and affordable.

GOe3 Reality Show


The amazing new reality show where Internet stars vie for points in a cross‐country competition of discovery. Attend our celebrations held in towns across the country, vote for your favorite contestants and bands. Keep up with all the news and stories as we make history.