GOe3 Introduction

“As an EV infrastructure company, GOe3 recognizes that in the new digital world there is not only an opportunity, but a requirement to provide businesses and travelers an all encompassing digital experience.”

Bruce Brimacombe – CEO GOe3
GOe3 - a electric and digtal revolutiom company
GOe3 is on the forefront of revolutionizing the travel industry with its deployment of a variety of assets designed to connect travelers to businesses and services. GOe3 specializes in the providing consumers and businesses the latest tools and technology in the travel and shared mobility arenas.
By using the digital tools and platforms provided by GOe3, businesses and consumers can take advantage of a seamless and robust environment designed to provide never seen before value to travelers, businesses, and shoppers.

GOe3 Is Comprised Of Two Synergistic Business Segments.

Infrastructure and Digital Mobility

GOe3 is comprised of two synergistic business segments. Infrastructure and Digital Mobility.


The Infrastructure business segment is focused on the deployment of state-of-the-art Electric Vehicle charging stations. These stations are being deployed to connect cities across the U.S. along Interstates.
The route-based charging stations will be supported by renewable energy systems designed to provide cost effective solutions to host sites and consumers.
These stations will also support the GOe3 Digital Mobility products and services with high resolution touch screens connected seamlessly to these products.

Digital Mobility

The Digital Mobility business segment is focused on the development and introduction of a host of digital products and services for consumers, travelers, and businesses.
Travel Phone App
Coupons & Advertising
Business Services
Travel Services